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Best Web Design Blogs You Should Know About

Design Blogs

If you are a web designer or web developer, finding out where you have to look online for all the best news, freebies, tips, tutorials and tools, even other resources are incredibly important. Below I have gathered some of the best blogs where you can get all of the above and more. These are in no particular order at all.

SmashingMagazine is one site that has been around since the year 2006. The breadth, attention to detail and the depth of this blog really does blow me away. Design, coding, graphics, UX design, WordPress, and more. They have got all of it.

Web design tuts+ is a site that you definitely have to check out if you want to be updated on the latest trends in web design, but you have to be ready to study and also learn up the things on the site. At Tuts+, you can find some tutorials on a lot of topics which include creating WordPress themes and also introducing new CSS elements for your website.

Codrops should be a site you should visit if you are a front end developer or even a web designer. You will surely find a number of incredibly useful tutorials and also code snippets. They discuss general topics relating to web design and all about how the role of a web designer has indeed evolved and developed all these years.

Hongkait is one of the sites that are incredibly well known because there aren’t that many web designers who haven’t heard of it. Their articles indeed rank incredibly high on Google search results. If you name a topic relating to web design, you can assuredly find it here.


learn up the things

CSS Tricks is a very informative web design and development blog, started and run by Chris Coyier. It was launched in 2007 and has expanded dramatically. It includes all kinds of information when it comes to web development and design. It has some very interesting design ideas, videos and articles and if that wasn’t enough, you will also find code snippets, an almanac and also a web design forum on there. It is absolutely an amazing resource for all kinds of web designers and developers from all around the world.

Sitepoint is an amazingly large community of well-trained developers who share topics like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, UX, WordPress, etc. You will surely find it very interesting, and you will definitely be captured by everything they have to offer. They even offer some courses and books which can be accessed if you create an account and sign-in.

Invision is an amazing prototyping and collaboration platform for all kinds of web designers.