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Some Popular Web Design Topics

Design Topics

Experienced and knowledgeable web designers and developers are always on the lookout for some great topics when it comes to their field of interest. They are always looking to implement new design techniques so that the customers who visit the site are pleased by what they see. Below I have listed out some hot topics that were discussed by well-known web designers.

A responsive design

One of the most popular topics that are indeed widely discussed and also followed. It has to be so responsive that it should adapt to a 4inch screen, an iPad, a 15inch laptop, any kind of device the site is accessed on. It can be construed as one of the hottest topics because everyone has a personal device now. This feature makes it easier for people who are on personal devices to navigate your site.

responsive design

Infinite scrolling is one of the most discussed about things in the world of web design. But this indeed poses as a challenge for search engine optimization (SEO). Some examples of infinite scrolling can be the feeds of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The content gets updated in real time as the user reaches the bottom of the page, more content loads as soon as that happens. So it is literally infinite scrolling, you never reach the bottom. This is useful in some sites where it is a shopping site. Sometimes, this may irritate a consumer in general sites.

Compatibility for all browsers is imperative because, there are multiple browsers that people use. You have to make sure that your website is compatible with all browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. It is actually one of the primary things that need to be implemented in a site.


It is an important aspect that usually gets overlooked or neglected. The management of font is essential for the overall success of the site and also the consumption of content on the site. The legibility and also the readability of the content ultimately depends on the font; this also sets the mood of the user. Some fonts can be clean and neat; this induces an interest in the user and inspires them to read. Some can annoy the user if they are challenging to figure out or read.

consumption of content

Web designers always discuss the prospect of integrating animations to the site through CSS actively. This is one of the most talked about and widely used web design topics as well. Websites depend on video backgrounds and also moving content to capture the attention of the audience. This will furthermore impress them, and they will end up telling people about the site.