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Web Design Hacks

Web Design Hacks That Can Help Skyrocket The Website Conversions

When you are running a website or an online business, one of the most important ways to generate a lot of customers would be to direct a whole lot of traffic into towards it. Of course, there are indeed many ways to do this. These ways include content marketing, paid advertisement, marketing on multiple social media platforms, etc. But you need to realize that not all of the visitors of your website will decide to purchase from you. It is indeed a saddening fact from digital marketing that not all techniques can be convincing enough for customers. A website conversion rate is just 2.5% on average. This actually means that for every 100 customer that visits your site, only 2-3 of them decide to purchase something. Your website needs to impress customers, potential clients, etc. and how you do this is by altering simple web design elements. So here are a few hacks that you can follow.

Make use of the right kinds of color combinations. Color is one of the things that are usually overlooked by most designers when they are attempting to build a website. Choosing certain colors that are visually pleasing can only help draw in more and more people to your site. People tend to share the sites that they like through social media and other ways as well. A research dictates that 85% of consumers said that the vibe and color of the website plays a factor in their decision to purchase items from that site. You need to find the right combination of colors that elicits the right kind of emotions for your brand.

Make sure that it is easy to navigate your site. Having too many choices right there on the home page can be very annoying and can make it cluttered; this will drive away any prospective customers. Fewer choices for navigation can make it easier on the part of a visitor.


Take advantage of all of the space on your site, but this does not mean that you should clutter up the site. There are multiple elements to your site; this is called positive space, negative space or white space. When you are designing the site, do not cram as much information as you can into little spaces. Too little white space can irritate some customers and drive them away.

Make use of animated CTAs (call to action). They are an essential element of a website that has high conversions. Statistics say animation can help your site greatly and they apparently get more traffic because of it.

Make use of high-quality visual elements, because humans are creatures that learn through visual cues, better.

Design Topics

Some Popular Web Design Topics

Experienced and knowledgeable web designers and developers are always on the lookout for some great topics when it comes to their field of interest. They are always looking to implement new design techniques so that the customers who visit the site are pleased by what they see. Below I have listed out some hot topics that were discussed by well-known web designers.

A responsive design

One of the most popular topics that are indeed widely discussed and also followed. It has to be so responsive that it should adapt to a 4inch screen, an iPad, a 15inch laptop, any kind of device the site is accessed on. It can be construed as one of the hottest topics because everyone has a personal device now. This feature makes it easier for people who are on personal devices to navigate your site.

responsive design

Infinite scrolling is one of the most discussed about things in the world of web design. But this indeed poses as a challenge for search engine optimization (SEO). Some examples of infinite scrolling can be the feeds of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The content gets updated in real time as the user reaches the bottom of the page, more content loads as soon as that happens. So it is literally infinite scrolling, you never reach the bottom. This is useful in some sites where it is a shopping site. Sometimes, this may irritate a consumer in general sites.

Compatibility for all browsers is imperative because, there are multiple browsers that people use. You have to make sure that your website is compatible with all browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. It is actually one of the primary things that need to be implemented in a site.


It is an important aspect that usually gets overlooked or neglected. The management of font is essential for the overall success of the site and also the consumption of content on the site. The legibility and also the readability of the content ultimately depends on the font; this also sets the mood of the user. Some fonts can be clean and neat; this induces an interest in the user and inspires them to read. Some can annoy the user if they are challenging to figure out or read.

consumption of content

Web designers always discuss the prospect of integrating animations to the site through CSS actively. This is one of the most talked about and widely used web design topics as well. Websites depend on video backgrounds and also moving content to capture the attention of the audience. This will furthermore impress them, and they will end up telling people about the site.

Design Ideas

Creative Design Ideas For A Website

If you are in a conundrum as to what kind of website you should create and how you should design it, well fret no more, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of multiple creative ideas that you should consider. After careful evaluation, you should make an informed decision. If you have ever clicked on a website and immediately clicked off because it was annoying or it had something wrong with it; this means that that site had terrible design. It was probably too cluttered and made it so that the overall experience was kind of overwhelming. This is glaring evidence that the design of a website matters more than ever. Your website is like the face of your brand on the internet. When you incorporate creative and smart design ideas into your site, it attracts more and more people to your site. It can also get you some loyal and returning customers. Here is a list of ideas for you, ideas that you should follow.

right place

Make the website interactive. Ideally, you wouldn’t want the visitors on your website to have a passive experience, would you? The customers need to be engaged with all sorts of information, but do not clutter it up. You can surely make this happen by adding some interactive elements to you site. It would help if there are some cute animations when scrolling or clicking on some parts of the site. If the homepage is intuitive and fun, people will definitely come back.

Animation can be a good friend when designing a website. Let’s face it; people love it when something is animating, and they can play around with it. It is indeed a bit more challenging and not to mention, pricey to achieve; it will benefit you greatly in the long run. It is a perfect way of alluring and incepting a memorable experience in a person’s mind. Even adding some movement to images on your site or affecting how something moves can be good to your site.

One of the valid things you can do is incorporate some photos of your product or business, depending on what kind of organization you run. You have to be sure that product photography is more than beautiful and interesting. It should be detailed and pleasing. You have to make it so that it is artsy and also attractive. The photos can be at the centre of your web designing prowess.

Make use of a unique and legible font; a font that no other well-known brand uses. Most web designers do not spend a second thought on something like this, but you should. It can have an effect on the audience.

Design Blogs

Best Web Design Blogs You Should Know About

If you are a web designer or web developer, finding out where you have to look online for all the best news, freebies, tips, tutorials and tools, even other resources are incredibly important. Below I have gathered some of the best blogs where you can get all of the above and more. These are in no particular order at all.

SmashingMagazine is one site that has been around since the year 2006. The breadth, attention to detail and the depth of this blog really does blow me away. Design, coding, graphics, UX design, WordPress, and more. They have got all of it.

Web design tuts+ is a site that you definitely have to check out if you want to be updated on the latest trends in web design, but you have to be ready to study and also learn up the things on the site. At Tuts+, you can find some tutorials on a lot of topics which include creating WordPress themes and also introducing new CSS elements for your website.

Codrops should be a site you should visit if you are a front end developer or even a web designer. You will surely find a number of incredibly useful tutorials and also code snippets. They discuss general topics relating to web design and all about how the role of a web designer has indeed evolved and developed all these years.

Hongkait is one of the sites that are incredibly well known because there aren’t that many web designers who haven’t heard of it. Their articles indeed rank incredibly high on Google search results. If you name a topic relating to web design, you can assuredly find it here.


learn up the things

CSS Tricks is a very informative web design and development blog, started and run by Chris Coyier. It was launched in 2007 and has expanded dramatically. It includes all kinds of information when it comes to web development and design. It has some very interesting design ideas, videos and articles and if that wasn’t enough, you will also find code snippets, an almanac and also a web design forum on there. It is absolutely an amazing resource for all kinds of web designers and developers from all around the world.

Sitepoint is an amazingly large community of well-trained developers who share topics like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, UX, WordPress, etc. You will surely find it very interesting, and you will definitely be captured by everything they have to offer. They even offer some courses and books which can be accessed if you create an account and sign-in.

Invision is an amazing prototyping and collaboration platform for all kinds of web designers.

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